When you doubt yourself 

Having been laid off twice in the past year and having a relationship fall apart because of my doing ( NOT infidelity) I know a little about self doubt. Life moments like these will have you questioning everything you have done to “deserve” this. Wondering what you could have done better is very productive but… Continue reading When you doubt yourself 

Slow and steady wins the race

As someone who is quite analytical and motivated I  am constantly assessing ways in which I can make changes and improve my life. For example there are unhealthy habits I have formed such as eating too many sweets and as of late watching far too much television.  I would like to change these and other… Continue reading Slow and steady wins the race

What to do when life gets tough

It is easy to be positive and happy when life is going well but what about when life gets tough? You know when you can’t seem to catch a break and things around you are crumbling.  Between being laid off twice in seven months, my stepdads cancer, family issues, relationship drama and a racist, sexist,… Continue reading What to do when life gets tough

When we can’t see the Mountains

I first moved to California in July 2009.  I knew there were mountains surrounding me because I had visited before, however, I could not see the mountains; smog covered them for the first couple months I was here.  Though I knew they were there from memory, I could not see them.  It was not until… Continue reading When we can’t see the Mountains

Stop giving all the benefits 

Stop giving all the benefits without the commitment. If you desire commitment from him and you are doing everything for him, you need to stop.  I dont care if you are cooking, cleaning, giving him pedicures, washing his briefs, giving him massages, buying him things, sexing him, it is not going to make him commit. … Continue reading Stop giving all the benefits 

Emotional Hangover

I woke up this morning and rubbed leftover tears from eyes, I had a feeling of unease and sadness. I knew right away, I had a hangover. Not the kind from a night of drinking and partying, no, this was the kind from a night of texting with an ex.  I had an emotional hangover. It… Continue reading Emotional Hangover