Why Black Lives should Matter to us All

I am a white Irish woman who grew up in Wisconsin in a low income neighborhood. Growing up in that neighborhood allowed me to interact with people from different backgrounds and equally as important, my mother taught me a very important lesson at a young age.  It was a simple lesson of empathy and love. Love everyone without exceptions.… Continue reading Why Black Lives should Matter to us All

Forgiving myself and letting go of guilt

Why is it forgiving ourselves seems far more difficult than forgiving others? I have always been a pretty forgiving person. I am usually the first one to call after an argument and was the peace maker in my family growing up. But when it comes to forgiving myself, well that’s a different story.  In the… Continue reading Forgiving myself and letting go of guilt

our thoughts create our reality

I often wonder why I tend to create the same negative experiences in my life at times and why I have a hard time letting go of bad habits. Then i think of a truth i have heard over and over, what we focus on expands, and this can be negative or positive. For example… Continue reading our thoughts create our reality