Slow and steady wins the race

As someone who is quite analytical and motivated I  am constantly assessing ways in which I can make changes and improve my life. For example there are unhealthy habits I have formed such as eating too many sweets and as of late watching far too much television.  I would like to change these and other habits unfortunately I tend to take an all or nothing approach. I am learning that when it comes to making changes, small gradual steps are more effective for me.

It is little changes each day that create lasting results. These are things that help me when trying to change a unhealthy habit and implement new ones.

1. Know your why: If you know your why you will be more likely to stick with and accomplish your goals

2. Make small gradual changes: one less dessert, one less show a day, one more workout, it will add up and progress will be made

3. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up. If you skip a workout or eat too much dessert, forgive yourself, Let it go,  get back on track

4. Have an accountability partner, it helps if they have the same goal as you. Check in with them regularly and keep each other on track

5. Plan. Whether its scheduling in workouts or meal prepping , preparing keeps life more balanced and organized. As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail

6. Be consistent. Consistency each day will create slow but lasting habitual changes

7. Don’t give up. It is easy to give up especially if you do not see immediate progess but stick with it, it will pay off

These are just a few of the ways in which I get rid of unhealthy habits or create new healthy ones. I have learned slow and steady wins the race. Remember don’t give up, you can do it. You are worth living your best life.

Love and light



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