our thoughts create our reality

I often wonder why I tend to create the same negative experiences in my life at times and why I have a hard time letting go of bad habits. Then i think of a truth i have heard over and over, what we focus on expands, and this can be negative or positive.

For example I  have felt very defeated because for 5 years I have had the goal of losing 50lbs. I often obsess about the weight and how much better I looked before. I am focusing on the weight, and it is quite literally, expanding. There is nothing wrong with having that goal but I notice the more I obsess about the lbs, the more I tend to gain. When I take an approach of focusing on foods that give me energy and nourish my body, I eat healthier. Although it is tough to not want instant gratification I know if I change my thoughts about my body, my body will balance itself and the weight will come off naturally. 

Another area of my life where my thoughts have played a huge role is in dating. Truth is I have been hurt, cheated on, lied to,like many of us have. But my experiences have created a lot of fear in me. Fear that men can’t be faithful, that they are emotionally unavailable and here is a shocking suprise I tend to attract men that don’t want commitment and keep me at a distance. I know now that in physcology terms this is a self fulfilling prophecy and in spiritual terms I am manifesting these type of men because of my beliefs, if I believe men are cheaters, I will attract unfaithful men. Through years of spiritual searching and reading I know our thoughts do create our reality. We have the ability to use them empower us and create positive experiences. 


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