Dating in Cali

“My female friend (who is engaged to an amazing man) recently said to me it seems like men in Cali want you to pursue them, unlike men out here.” I thought about it and she is right. 

I don’t know if times are changing, due to social media, and people not interacting as much in person, but there is a difference out here. Myself and other single women here have noticed that it seems the men in Cali want you to pursue them. Its almost like they sit back and wait to see if you will approach them. I have noticed this even in clubs out here. Myself and all of my friends out here have been hit on in public places ( as opposed to online). But not like in the Mid-West or the South. Men there tend to see someone they like/are attracted to and approach. Sometimes its tactful, sometimes not, but its just how it goes. 

I would be lying if I said I never approached a man however I just don’t think women should become the pursuers. 

Men will often say about women who they approach “oh she’s stuck up” at the risk of sounding very stereotypical a lot of men in Cali I have come across seem this way, stuck up. They have this attitude like they are God’s gift to women and we should be so lucky to talk to them. I don’t know if Kanye has their minds messed up, but uh no. 

We are not better than other people. I think some people out here need to humble themselves. Be nice to others.

But back to the point. Women should not have to pursue men. I know I may sound old fashioned but if a man is interested he will pursue and we will show it. Even the men in Cali. 

(Disclaimer my words do not reflect ALL or even the majority of men in Cali, I just speak on experiences of myself and those I know)

Love and light 



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