Stop giving all the benefits 

Stop giving all the benefits without the commitment. If you desire commitment from him and you are doing everything for him, you need to stop. 

I dont care if you are cooking, cleaning, giving him pedicures, washing his briefs, giving him massages, buying him things, sexing him, it is not going to make him commit. 

You may think doing these things will show him how great you are and how you are girlfriend material, but it will not.

Please know not doing these things is not going to make him commit either but you will be able to see if he makes an effort even when you are not bending over backwards for him (no pun intended). 

In the dating process I am absolutely not saying you can’t or shouldn’t do nice things for one another but you do not have to do everything for them before you are even a couple. Save some of those things for when you are commited. Many women are acting like the girlfriend and he is not even considering you to ever be that. 

You don’t have to do everything thing to prove how great you are. If you desire commitment and he only calls you for sex,rides,help with homework whatever it is let him go. 

Stop giving all the benefits of a girlfriend and he has made no commitment. Know your worth you deserve someone who will commit to you and treat you great! 


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