Women as the pursuers?

I get it times are changing. But not all changes are good. One shift in dating I’ve noticed throughout the years is that women are becoming the pursuers.

Don’t get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman going after what she wants. However, in my experiences and that of women I know, if a man is interested in a getting to know you he will find a way. 

I once had a crush on this guy at my church, we would talk in Bible chat, and I told him we should go out sometime. He gave me his number and I initiated most of our texts. we finally went out but he never really stepped up. I told myself he was shy so that’s why I was “pursuing.” well around that same time  he started dating a woman that became his girlfriend. Me pursing is not why it didn’t go anywhere. He just wasn’t that interested in me and that’s ok. However, if I would have let him take the lead and express his interest or lack thereof I would have known. He obviously wasn’t to shy to pursue his girlfriend because he wanted to date her.

The moral of the story is if he is interested he will make an effort. 

PS I am not at all saying women should sit back and do nothing. They need to make an effort and show interest as well, just not with someone that’s not into them. 


2 thoughts on “Women as the pursuers?

  1. This is an interesting article because from what I have noticed, women pursue men quite enthusiastically. My first experience, as a 19 year old, was having a conversation with a man outside of a church only to have a woman wedge herself in between us to smother the man with an embrace. That situation made me very uninterested in “pursuing”. It was such a turnoff to see this, I think of it as a distasteful example of what a confident woman should do. I agree that it is important to show interest but not get attached to someone who is not showing any interest. Best of luck out there. xoxo

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    1. I completely agree I see it all the time especially on social media, I do not condemn women for going after what they want however it comes across as almost desperate if they are trying to had,and that is not good. We should love and respect ourselves enough to not throw ourselves at someone. And also to know we hold enough value for a man to make an effort and show interest in being in our lives. Thank you for your comment. God bless

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