Why couldn’t you stay? (A poem to my absent dad)


You will never know the effect your leaving had

All the nights I laid awake feeling sad

You left without even a goodbye

Not caring ‘bout the tears my mom had to dry

Maybe you thought I’d get over it right away

But it still cuts like a knife, to this day

You see, the effects were far greater than you could know

It has changed me in ways I cannot show

I have a hard time trusting, it is no surprise

I am afraid just like you, they are good with their lies

I push men away before I even know

Cuz just like you, I am afraid they will go

You have missed out on who I am, and all that I do

And that it really unfortunate for you

I have turned out to be pretty great

I wish you could have been there, but too little to late

You were supposed to be around for the good and the bad

why couldn’t you have stayed and been my dad

Signed the daughter you once had



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