My Stepdad’s Cancer diagnosis

My step dad Jeff is the type of person who lights up a room. He is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.  

I will never forget how happy my mom was when she met him. She had been through some not so great relationships then he came along. They met through a friend at a birthday party, and were engaged three months later. 

My mom had three teenage daughters (I don’t think Jeff understood what that meant lol), Jeff had none, but was loving and accepting of us. 

Unfortunately Jeff came into our lives when we were rebellious teens with the mentality “you’re not my dad so…” This is huge regret of mine because we could have bonded more if we let him in. We were angry at our own father and just being teenage girls. 

To say we were difficult teenagers is a bit of an understatement, yet Jeff was there by my moms side supporting us and helping her get through those very difficult teenage years. 

Jeff and my mom had my brother Anthony a few years after they got married and thank God for them Anthony is the kind of kid you can only dream of having. A easy baby, kid, and a well behaved super smart teenager. Always on honor roll, always behaved, compasionte, plays the saxophone. So proud he is starting at UW Madison next month!

My sisters were both young moms and Jeff was not only there, but has been the best grandpa to my nieces and nephews. 

Jeff is not just a do the minimum kind of guy he goes above and beyond especially for my mom and our family. He works hard, volunteers at church, does beautiful woodworking crafts, cooks, cleans, helps with the grandkids, is supportive, positive, an amazing father, husband, and grandpa. He really is a rare kind of guy. So rare in fact, when dating I ask myself WWJD (what would Jeff do) because if a man does not treat me like Jeff treats my mom, we cannot be together. 

This post will never do justice of the truly amazing man Jeff is. 

So you can imagine the heartbreak I felt when two weeks ago our family found out Jeff has non hodkins lymphoma. Jeff, the man who has been so much to all of us. To say I am heartbroken is an understatement. I have cried and cried because it is just not fair this horrible thing is happening to such an amazing person.  But I know with faith, prayers, and positivity Jeff will overcome this with the warrior spirit he has. And I know if he made it through our teenage drama he can make it through anything. God bless Jeff and may his healing begin!


2 thoughts on “My Stepdad’s Cancer diagnosis

  1. Miranda, thank you for the beautiful and heartfelt words describing Jeff’s importance in our lives. He has blessed us abundantly with his love and patience and you captured his spirit with your powerful words.


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