A lesson on opening up and letting go, from yoga class

A few weeks ago in yoga class, I started feeling like out of nowhere, I was going to cry.

Right there in the middle of class in front of strangers. I wanted to leave, but I held back the tears and finished.

I thought it was just a fluke, perhaps I was just having a bad day, so I brushed it off.

Then like clockwork it happened again the next week, and the week after.

So I put on my detective hat, and went all the way to… Google (difficult I know). Back in the day I would have had to drive all the way the public library (which ironically is where I am now), look through a catalog to find a book on a shelf to do research (thank God for Google).

Ok back to the topic at hand.

I Goggled the correlation between crying and yoga.

To my surprise, I found quite a few articles on the topic.

Particularly, that a lot of yogis have gotten emotional, especially when doing hip opening exercises.

From the Yoga Journal online:

“In yogic terms, there is no separation between mind, body, and spirit. The three exist as a union (one definition of the word yoga); what happens to the mind also happens to the body and spirit, and so on. In other words, if something is bothering you spiritually, emotionally, or mentally, it is likely to show up in your body. And as you work deeply with your body in yoga, emotional issues will likely come to the fore.”

Well good to know because, I have always had tight hips when practicing yoga (I wish this meant what it sounds like, that my hips are so muscular they are “tight”, but I digress). I know my hips are tight because when we do poses that open them, my body screams at me like “don’t you dare…dare..dare”  “you better close those hips back up.”  Then the frustration builds and I get mad at them, like “why will you not open up like ms. bendy over there”. Ugh.

Anyways, when researching,  I had an epiphany.  Dun da dun…. that my hips are trying to tell me something: which is that I need to open up and let go, both physically and mentally.  Ahh what a lesson.

I need to let go of fear, guilt, jealousy, mistrust, judgment, self-loathing, anger, and all that other toxic shit.

And open up to love, gratitude, positivity, manifesting, praying, giving, self-love, non-judgment, acceptance, and all that other good shit.

By opening up mentally/emotionally my hips will naturally start to open physically and then I can be ms bendy too woot woot . But more importantly I can create a healthy and positive balance in my mind/ body as they are one (isn’t it amazing how it is all connected, I think so).

So I guess Shakira was right all this time, my hips really don’t lie, and what a valuable lesson they taught me.

Love and light



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