I have had several conversations lately on comparisons, and the overall consensus, was that comparisons are not beneficial, I have to agree.

One type of comparison that comes to mind, that is quite detrimental, is the pressure on women to compare themselves to one another, almost like a competition. This is particularly exemplified in the social media era in which we live.  It is also more common for women who are single, as they often feel that have to compete to “win” the attention of a man.

Have I been guilty of these comparisons? Most certainly.  It at times feels an impossible task to “measure” up to the beautiful, fit women that reside in California.  There are beautiful women everywhere but Cali in particular has A LOT.  There are times I have ended up spending hours scrolling through various people’s pages admiring, but mostly envying their lives.  Talk about wasted time.

As I have gotten older I have begun to accept the fact I will never be Beyonce (though it would be nice). I will never be any of the other women I compare myself too. And I am ok with that.  For a long time I felt that physical beauty was the most valuable asset I could possess.  There was error in my belief because as individuals we all hold invaluable precious worth that is unique to each of us.

I am not exempt from still having these feelings of envy, however, the more I have begun to see my own worth, the less space there is for comparisons. I hope the same is true for you.



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